With Prophetess Pastor Patricia Benneman

and Dr. Gregory Scott (Delaware Bishop Universal Ministries):
Day(s) and Evening(s) of Miracles  

Prophetic Word of God

- Anointing/Healing with the Blood of Jesus

- Preaching/Teaching  the Gospel of Jesus

- Break Shackles of Bondage

-  Cleanse and purge 

- Block the Dark Forces

- Realize Spiritual Freedom

- Enter the Kingdom of  Heaven 

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Break Every Chain! Rainbow Rapid Healing: A Prayer Workshop

Participants in workshops led By Bishop Scott come to understand what God's covenant truly means.: healing of one's personal rainbow (Soul).Teaching Biblical Meditation, Bishop Scott and a local pastor use passages of scripture  and prayer-meditations in a workshop format.

Breaking the Shackles

You are cleansed, purged and anointed by the Holy Spirit, thereby freeing you of that which has kept you shackled and bound, whether physical, emotional, mental or social. All dark forcees are blocked. You come into full awareness God's purpose for you, the blessings of Jesus Christ, able to fully receive God's love to and from others in true spiritual freedom. 

Prophetess Pastor Evangelist Benneman

Pastor Benneman's prophetic ministry is framed within the doctrine of the Christian gospels, in terms of saving souls for Jesus Christ and helping others to understand the meaning of Jesus’s death and resurrection that leads to salvation via the Holy Spirit and accept Jesus as their personal savior. She is the CEO and founder of the Women on Divine Assignment Ministry (WODA). She is a world-wide revivalist that has conducted revivals in many part of the United States and an experienced international traveller, having just returned from Switzerland, France and Italy.

Bishop Gregory Scott, EdD

Dr. Scott’s universal healing ministry in framed within the doctrine of the Universal Ministries, which encompasses all beliefs understanding that the wonders of religious enlightenment, spiritual upliftment and the joys of the Holy Spirit are available to all. His particular expertise lies in the area of spiritual cleansing, deliverance, casting out spirits and demons with Archangelic assistance. The latter is based on power given him by God.Drawing

upon his more than 30 years of workshops on healing and spirituality, God has directed him to share his vast experience with other God-centered, non-Christian spiritual paths that have not yet accepted Jesus as their savior, such as Reiki, Nam Yoga, Eckankar, Adidam, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many others. In his public workshops, he is able to demonstrate the power of Jesus over other healing systems to eliminate karma with the forgiveness of sin. With experience in a wide variety of spiritual and healing systems, he understands that the Holy Bible provides the ultimate framework of God's relationship to man and vice versa and that true healing only occurs via the blood of Jesus who died for mankind's sins and was resurrected in three days so that humans might live the life eternal.

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